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    Hello. I am wondering if any current or recently graduated nurses from Goodwin College in CT can tell me how many points they had when they were accepted into the nursing program? I will be applying this fall and I think I'll have anywhere between 16-18 points. I'm wondering if this will be enough to get in.
    My GPA will be around a 3.4. I've taken 4 classes at Goodwin. I have ALL of my non-nursing courses done. I scored in the 86th percentile on the NLN. I also completed the 30+ hours of community service. I have no prior degrees.
    Thank you.

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    Hi, I applied last semester to the program with 21 points, I start in the fall. I had no prior degree, did 7 classes, 3.8 GPA, 91% NLN and 30+ hours community service. The lowest points accepted at that admission time (starting sep'10) was 20. To determine if you get in it's really crucial who is applying around the same time as you and how many points they have. They take the 55 highest so if you're in with a group of all 20's and up chances are you won't get admitted this time around, but if the average is around 17 or so you're more likely. The semester before this one the cut off was an 18. Either way, it would really benefit you to take 3 more classes for those three more points. As it stands right now based off of your qualifications you have a 16. Unless your GPA gets rounded up from a 3.4 (depending on if it's 3.45 or higher) then you'll earn another point giving you 17. Hope that helped a little.
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    My suggestion is take the NLN again. I scored in the 99% as did most of the students in my cohort. I have not heard of anyone getting in with under 19 points. Even 19 points is rare. Take the NLN again, and try and get the full 10 point credit for it. Also be sure to do the community service. I am in the program, and I would not recommend it to anyone. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    I agree, take the NLN again. I scored in the 99%, and got accepted with 24 points. No one in my cohort was accepted with less that 20 points. Good Luck.
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    Hi guys,

    I am applying for the fall this year and will have 23 points. I am wondering why goodwinstudent would not reccommend the program?

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    Hi guys,

    Im applying for the fall start date with 21 pts ...23 is the highest i know of so far and from what i have heard in the past 21 and above are safe numbers. I also wonder why goodwinstudent is not recommending their program, while it is competitive i have heard good things about it.
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    I am currently awaiting my acceptance (or rejection ) letter from Goodwin and I was told the past 3 semesters have all been 20 points and up. Good luck!
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    I got in! Im very happy to say I will be part of the fall nursing cohort but I am saddened that some of my good friends did not make it this semester. I have full faith that they will make it soon though. I hope the best to you!!
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    Congratulations nurse2be2013! I will also be starting with you in the fall
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    Hey guys!
    I will applying this fall for January entry. I'm a little discouraged. I took 4 classes this summer (some of the most boring becuase I've taken all my pre reqs; public speaking, computer literacy, english, into to psych). I have a bachelors. I expect a GPA of 3.70. I've done my community service. And I scored in the 88th percentile for the NLN. Now all of a sudden the advising office is telling me I only have 20 ponts and they only start taking people at 21 points and up??? He was trying to selling me on random classes (Medical terminology, alternative medicine, etc). I thought it was weird cause did all the pre-reqs. Financially more classes are hard to fathom right now. Is this true? Would they hold me back for 1 point? Has anyone gotten in with 20 points? Feeling beside myself right now. Any advice?

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