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Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to Northwestern Connecticut Community... Read More

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    I just submitted my application to Naugatuck Valley. I'm worried about my GPA....3.26, but everything else is solid...TEAS 87.3 and A&PI A.Fingers are crossed!!

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    This wait is nerve-racking! Applied to CCC for the fall. Waiting now for the admissions office to put up our credentials online so we can review and cross check. I am weary because I have transfer credits and have already had a few snags (that were cleared up, but still doesn't help the pressure!) I felt good about my credentials but seeing people get waitlisted for such good creds makes me worry. Does anyone know when they mail the acceptances?
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    They mail out the acceptance letters sometime between the beginning of April and the middle of May.
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    Usually mid April.
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    What does it mean preffered email adress? how do i get into the school email? and also has anyone been updated about their gpa or what they are missing?
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    Log onto commnet, click on the student tab, on the left it explains the new student emails. Click the log on link. Your log on for the email is the same as your login forCommnet.I have not heard anything at all about my GPA or anything. I think it is too early still. Hopefully no news is good news!
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    I would assume they have to let us know before Feb. 1 when applications closed. My advisor had told me they would have things up right away in November but then when I applied, the email I received indicating my paperwork was received said they would put things up on commnet in mid-January. I hope its soon. If there are snags, they don't give you much time to correct them! I ended up taking the computer test to replace a grade I had earned back in 2000 and I have this feeling they are going to put it in wrong- same with my electives and such. If they transfer everything correctly, and since its been 10 years since I earned my bachelors degree, I will have nothing to worry about. But if they take that lousy computer grade from way back, or the wrong elective, it will mess me all up! I keep saying it but its so nervewracking! I will be all good once I see that everything goes through properly by Feb. 1... Thats worse then waiting for the acceptance!
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    Hello Everyone!

    I am anxiously waiting the link on MyCommnet to make sure all my transcripts were received and processed correctly. I went yesterday in person because the college kept sending me emails telling me they had not received proof of my HS diploma. I verified that it was sent back in early December. When I showed up at CCC, the admissions people told me it was best to hand-deliver things. I always thought official transcripts had to be sent from the institution as well as sealed~ The lady walked right over to her desk, dug down into a pile of paperwork 3 inches thick and pulled out my diploma. She then told me that I had applied online for the wrong semester and corrected it to read "Fall 2013." I have read some real nightmare stories on other year's threads so I want to make certain everything is squared away so I don't get a letter in March that says they are missing things...

    AP 1 was an A, Nursing GPA 3.72, TEAS 85.3 after two tries and weeks of studying. I have Micro left and ENG Comp 2 which I am taking Spring 13.

    Good Luck to everyone!!! This site is such a place of great information and comfort, thanks so much for posting here, it has been a huge help.
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    That is an AWESOME TEAS score!! WELL DONE!!
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    Which micro class are you taking? That's also my last req.! can I tell you, after i read your message, I went and checked my application to make I checked the right year and semester! I'm so paranoid about things being processed correctly!

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