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I need to know if I do all of my Prerequists at Gateway Community College for the R.N Program and if I dont get in, can I sign up at other Ct Community College who also run their R.N Program???... Read More

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    I am currently in my second year of a RN program at a community college, but when I was taking my prerequisites I applied to all 3 community colleges that were within driving distance to me. Some of the schools have different requirements for prerequisites but usually credits are transferable. Good luck!

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    which colleges offer nursing in Fairfield County or lower CT?

    NCC, St. Vincent, Sacred heart, Gateway, Bridgeport, any others?
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    There are 2 other schools in Fairfield Cty/Lower Ffld Cty: Fairfield & WCSU. Fairfield is such an expensive school unfortunately but the program is extremely very good though. I also know that Western's Nursing program is EXCELLENT!! I am very much considering WSCU myself but may have to get my ADN 1st mostly because I think I may have a better chance of getting into St. Vincent's program 1st w/out too long a wait. Just remember you can always get your BSN right afterwards and to make things even better, WCSU offers the RN-BSN in Waterbury which is so much better than driving to Danbury esp. if you live over an hour away!! I don't know where you are from but there are only 2 choices for Nursing programs I would most consider both in regards to the quality of program & also the cost and they definitely would include St. Vincent's & Western CT State Univ. I wish Fairfield was not as expensive as it is and of course the cost will only escalate in the future : ( Makes you wonder how many people will obtain their Nursing degrees in the future w/the costs being as they are. I wish you all the best! Sue
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    Sue, thanks so much for your reply. yes, I was thinking about Fairfield University, SCSU, Sacred Heart, Yale, and WCSU but not for getting my RN. I might go there for my masters in nursing. I already have a Bachelor's degree and need only an ASNS in order to get my RN, which would leave me with three options at this point as far as schools in my area: Bridgeport Hospital, NCC and St. Vincent. I live in Stamford, so Norwalk CC would be ideal for me. not sure if I can get in, so I want to apply to other schools. St. Vincent is my 2nd choice, but it is much more expensive than NCC. I don't want to go to school for 4 more years all over again. so far I have taken most of the courses required at NCC like A&P 1&2, Micro, Psychology, Chem, math. if i get accepted I will take child psych and public speaking in the summer of 2007 and be done with all of my coureses for the program except for the nursing classes, which would be wonderful. if I go to St. Vincent I will have to take a lot more classes and pay more for my degree. plus I am not sure how many courses they will let me transfer. I would hate to have to take it all over again.

    what schools are you applying to? WCSU and St. Vincent? hey, we might be in the same class! best wishes, Julie.

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