Where to live in Denver!?

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    I just got accepted to Regis University for fall 2009 BSN program. I have never been there, but hear it's an amazing city. I was wondering if anyone could give me some recommendations on where to live. I will be moving with my boyfriend and dog. We'd like to find a house or townhome with 2 bedrooms, and if possible with a yard, but don't want to spend more then 800 a month. With our dog, who is only 7mos but will probably get up to 100lbs, we worry about being an apartment, he's loud when he runs around! What areas are good/safe to live? That are still relatively close to Regis? I wouldn't mind commuting a little bit for the right area. Thanks for any help you can give!

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    That's a tall order for only $800 per month. You may have to look outside the city, try Westminster, Thornton, Arvada and Lakewood. Good luck
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    I thought it might be! Darn! I've found a couple places on craigslist that look okay, but then again I have no idea what the area is like! An apartment would be alright if we were on the bottom floor, and there was a park nearby. I really just want to be somewhere safe, that I feel comfortable at! So if anyone can recommend good apartments that are dog friendly then that would be good too! I'll look in the areas you mentioned DenverRN921, thanks

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