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i wanted to start a thread for students who have been accepted in the summer start 2012 cohort. congrats!!!!:yeah: we can share tips, thoughts, questions, etc. i remember seeing one, but it must have... Read More

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    I recommend getting new books, or books that have the disk and/or internet code available for pharm and patho, I have used them for the practice tests, and chapter summaries quite a bit. Make sure you buy the exact Davis Drug Guide they tell you to, you need the disk for assignments for pharm. Assessment and Fundamentals are fine to get used, I never really used the extra materials. Try to get a copy of Corwins "Handbook of Pathophysiology" 3rd ed, I am not sure who is teaching that portion, none of the instructors listed are teaching it currently. I have not opened the trans-cultural concepts book, and I am a text book reader.

    I bought most of my books from Amazon, but also check, ebay, alibris. The publisher for most of the textbooks currently has a coupon code for 25% off and free shipping "92608" at I did buy a bunch of study guides, but I have not used them much. People here really like the Saunders NCLEX books, but I think it will be more useful once I start Med Surg this summer.
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    Hello, I am trying to figure out if CU is the place for me or not,, I have heard some bad things about the program at CU and just want to know how your guys' experiences were??