University of Colorado Colorado Springs (PMHNP)

  1. I applied for the Fall 2018 for the PMHNP Online Program at University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Anyone applying to UCCS as well?
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  3. by   smartin1028
    I also applied for the Fall 2018 Online PMHNP program at UCCS!
  4. by   Nurse_J89
    Hi! I applied for the Fall 2018 FNP. Anxiously awaiting a response!!
  5. by   Sandrion
    Received notification this morning, I got in! Check your email!
  6. by   smartin1028
    Congratulations!!! I also got in! I have a coworker that got into CU Denver's program but not Colorado Springs and we have almost identical experience! Who knows how they selected, but pretty happy they selected us