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i wanted to start a thread for students who have been accepted in the summer start 2012 cohort. congrats!!!!:yeah: we can share tips, thoughts, questions, etc. i remember seeing one, but it must have been lost during the site... Read More

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    Hello Summer 2012 Cohort!

    I'm excited and nervous to start! I've been out of school for a while so hopefully it won't take me too long to get back into the swing of things.

    Are any of you moving closer to school and looking for a roommate? I'll be moving from Boulder and would like to live fairly close to our campus. It would be nice to rent a house with some of you or even an apartment.

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    Hey Jill80424,
    Did you move to Denver yet? I'll be commuting to school via public transport as well and haven't been able to find much along the bus routes. How about you?
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    Has anyone started buying books yet? Where have you found the best prices? Any thoughts from previous/current students on study guides or extra material that was helpful?
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    I recommend getting new books, or books that have the disk and/or internet code available for pharm and patho, I have used them for the practice tests, and chapter summaries quite a bit. Make sure you buy the exact Davis Drug Guide they tell you to, you need the disk for assignments for pharm. Assessment and Fundamentals are fine to get used, I never really used the extra materials. Try to get a copy of Corwins "Handbook of Pathophysiology" 3rd ed, I am not sure who is teaching that portion, none of the instructors listed are teaching it currently. I have not opened the trans-cultural concepts book, and I am a text book reader.

    I bought most of my books from Amazon, but also check, ebay, alibris. The publisher for most of the textbooks currently has a coupon code for 25% off and free shipping "92608" at I did buy a bunch of study guides, but I have not used them much. People here really like the Saunders NCLEX books, but I think it will be more useful once I start Med Surg this summer.
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    Hello, I am trying to figure out if CU is the place for me or not,, I have heard some bad things about the program at CU and just want to know how your guys' experiences were??

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