UCH Nurse Residency Program Feb 2014

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    Am I really the first to post on this? I have a feeling I'm not and I just am not tech savvy enough to find the original post...but just in case I am the first, I made a Facebook group for those who were accepted to the UCH nurse residency program in the February 2014 cohort!

    Anyway it's called "UCH Nurse Residency February 2014"...please only request to join if you are in the cohort. I'm excited to meet you all!

    In case I just totally missed it...will someone point me to the group?? I'm new to Denver and I am at times very bored waiting for February 18th!!

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    I couldn't find the group when I searched Facebook.
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    Hmm...it says anyone can see the group but just not the posts...let me look into this!
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    I was accepted for NICU and started a general residency thread back when we applied. I think there's one other person on here that got an interview but I haven't heard if she accepted a position. I'll see if I can find the Facebook page.
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    I can't find it either.
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    Ok I went in my boufriend's account and just searched for UCH nurse residency and it was the second one. With the little broken heart...can you guys find it?

    Sorry, believe it or not I was the techie at my nursing school lol
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    I see others for past groups but not February.
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    I still don't see it either
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    Sigh. I'm doing this from my phone so maybe that is the problem? I have it set so anyone can see the group but that is apparently false.

    Do either of you want to make a group? Maybe you'll have better facebook skills than me!
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    HeyYogaGirl I'll give it a try. I've never made a FB group before but I'll see what I can do.

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