Summer clinicals.

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    So as it were I am a nursing major who is also doing ROTC at my university. I got a semester behind because I just changed to nursing. Anyways, for ROTC I had to get my 104R completed, for those who don't know this is a set up of who the rest of your college years will be, including classes and yeah. Well looking at it I have to take one class this coming summer, the summer of 2014 I have to take summer class called fundamentals of nursing which I am assuming is clinicals, if not please let me know what it is. And then summer of 2015 I am shipped off to boot camp and after I graduate in spring 2016 I am shopped off to military officers school to further my education. Normally this wouldn't be bad but I am also engaged. We were planning on getting married summer2015 but because of boot camp and my MOS, we will have to instead get married this summer or next. Therefore I wonder how hard and time consuming this class/clinical of fundamentals of nursing is going to be because I don't want the marriage to interfere with neither school or the army to the extent where it would hinder me.

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    My fundamentals class included a 5 hour lab to learn skills once a week, in addition to a 3 hour lecture once a week. No clinical.
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    OH! Okay!! That would make sense! Was it all summer or how long did it go on for?
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    Quote from MAdee
    OH! Okay!! That would make sense! Was it all summer or how long did it go on for?
    Mine was a regular semester long course. Summer courses are generally all summer long, though.

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