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  1. 0 I just recently moved to Thornton area and have applied to seven different hospitals. It is been two weeks I have not heard anything about the possibility of getting a job. I am wondering and would like to know how long usually it takes for RN recruiters to get back to you for an answer. Thanks for taking the time to reply to this.
    PS: The only hospital got back to me was Denver General and the answer was negative, that they have selected some one more "seasoned".
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    I'm in the same boat. I think I have submitted around 20 applications and have gotten one rejection letter and one interview. I JUST got the interview yesterday and it has been four weeks. I moved to Westminster in June. Best of luck to you. Try not to take it personally...that's what I'm trying anyway. And hey...what about the nursing shortage???
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    I've heard many stories like this. No one is hiring, and most aren't even considerate enough to send you even a form email acknowleding you filled out an application for them. Very frustrating!
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    Thanks guys it really helps. I will keep all of us in prayers.
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    Hi There,
    I have a question for you Lisa.Finnsmom How long you have been nurse for and what is your specialty? I have been nurse for 2 1/2 years with Med-Surg experience. Thanks for your time to reply me.