Regis ABSN for Spring 2013 start

  1. Hi all

    Is anyone waiting for an interview like I am?
    Super nervous and could really use some tips on the interview process.
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  3. by   lsteig6
    Hey :-)

    Did they contact you for an interview or are you still waiting for an interview invitation?
  4. by   kerleigh722
    I got an email like 1-2 weeks ago from them with the invitation.
  5. by   carlyt1
    Hi Kerleigh! Mine is next week! Im so anxious, all the hard work I've done has come down to this! Just be sure of yourself, remember why you wanted this in the first place, and articulate that! When is your interview? Hopefully we'll be classmates!
  6. by   kerleigh722
    HI carlyt!!
    My interview is July 31!!! I know how you feel... I feel like this interview determines my life! Even though I can reapply in August if I don't get in, luckily. When is yours?
  7. by   carlyt1
    Mine is the 31st too! Hopefully I'll see you there! What program are you applying for in August? Another round of the accelerated? I agree! Regis has always been my #1 pick and I would love to do the accelerated program!
  8. by   kerleigh722
    Yes I'm sure we'll meet next week! I'll apply for the accelerated but I'm pretty sure that since it has the same deadline as the traditional program you are essentially applying to both... I'll have to double check that though I'm not sure!
  9. by   optomisticsoul
    Hello fellow Regis ABSN candidates,
    I am excited to share the wonderful news that Regis University has officially emailed out all acceptance letters as of today. I have accepted my spot to start the Regis ABSN Spring Cohort/Term 2013. Has anyone else received notice? Best of Luck to everyone.
  10. by   kerleigh722
    I am an alternate :/ Not really what I was hoping for but it's better than rejection!
  11. by   optomisticsoul
    Quote from kerleigh722
    I am an alternate :/ Not really what I was hoping for but it's better than rejection!
    Hello kerleigh,
    I like your optimism...Don't give up hope! Have a terrific day!
  12. by   carlyt1
    I'm on the alternate list too, fingers crossed!
  13. by   kerleigh722
    good luck!
  14. by   stephk13
    Hey! my name is Stephanie and I was accepted for the Accelerated program and am so excited/nervous. I have not been able to talk to anyone currently in the program so a little nervous for how it will go. But very eager to get it started and get through it! Can't wait to meet everyone!