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Hi all :) Is anyone waiting for an interview like I am? Super nervous and could really use some tips on the interview process. Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   Tominthefort
    I couldn't find the FB page through your link. Is there another route to get to it?
  2. by   Tominthefort
    I found it optimisticsoul. Wasn't working with the ipad, but just found the Facebook page and joined. thanks for setting that up. Tom C
  3. by   wade.johnson18
    Hey everyone, I am an alternate for the upcoming cohort. I was curious if any other alternates had heard anything/been offered a spot, or if anyone who is accepted is choosing another school. Also, for those of you who were accepted, if you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA? Mine is likely on the lower end, around a 3.3 and I think that may be the reason I'm an alternate. Thanks everyone!

  4. by   Tominthefort
    Wade, good luck in getting through on the alternate list. I'd suggest staying in close communication with Regis so they're aware of your conviction. As far as their criteria for those that were accepted, I believe GPA was just one of many factors that they considered. I believe I was fortunate to be accepted on the basis of my personal statement, reference letters and interview. They didn't have an easy task in narrowing down the candidates to ninety. Best of luck to all alternates. Today is the commitment deadline, so they'll soon know how many additional openings there will be. Tom
  5. by   kerleigh722
    I'm glad to know today was the deadline; I was wondering when my best chance was!

    Wade, I am an alternate too! I emailed the admissions coordinator and just asked how many of us there were... there's 50. It's a little discouraging, but at least we can apply again for the next cohort (which excepts only 40-50 students instead of 96!!). I believe my GPA was working against me as well. It was a 3.4... but I have a lot of CNA experience. It's possible I was a little too nervous in my interview too- my voice was cracking haha!

    Let's cross our fingers!!!

    And congratulations Tominthefort!
  6. by   wade.johnson18
    Thanks for the info everyone! Congrats to everyone that was already accepted, and patience to those of us who are still hoping to hear. :-)

  7. by   optomisticsoul
    Hi Wade,
    Best wishes to you and the other alternates! Did you interview on Friday, July 27th? Good luck!
  8. by   wade.johnson18
    Yes I did at 8:30 am. I'm also from Portland.
  9. by   optomisticsoul
    Best of luck to all the alternates!
  10. by   kerleigh722
    Have any alternates heard anything? I haven't :/. Just applied for the next go-round.
  11. by   pasodeblas
    I'm new to this forum. Is there anybody here applying for May 2013? I was invited for an interview on Nov. 16th but I have appointment so they scheduled me for a skype interview on Nov. 6. Anybody who applied for May 2013 who'd like to chat or share experiences with me? Thank you
  12. by   SummitRN
    A word of advice. Do not take HCE430 from Regis. Take it from Rio Salado. It is much more relevant, less likely to sink your GPA, and not take 30 hours a week. Also, it costs 1/3 the price of Regis's HCE class. Regis does accept this course in leui of HCE430 even though the Rio Salado course is a 200 level.

    Do start a Facebook group for your cohort. Work together; none of that competitive catty crap. Regis nurses have each others' backs.
  13. by   kerleigh722
    hey paso,
    I applied again and have an interview tomorrow! (Nov 6). Good luck to everyone!