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Hi all :) Is anyone waiting for an interview like I am? Super nervous and could really use some tips on the interview process. Thanks!... Read More

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    I haven't received a confirmation on the HCE course yet either, and I signed up for the second offering. I did get a confirmation on the deposit. Tom

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    Hello Bridgette,
    Congrats! Where are you relocating from? I will be moving from Portland, Oregon at the end of December. I agree, this fall will be challenging when trying to juggle prerequisites and trying be scrambling for housing options at the last moment. But overall, I am excited for us all to start this journey!
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    Hello everyone.
    I will be starting the Regis-LHSON Accel BSN program spring term 2013. I am relocating to the Colorado in late December but am scrambling to find affordable housing options in Denver/Arvada area. I would truly appreciate any recommendations or/and if there is anyone looking for a roommate(s)/shared housing? Thank you ever so much!
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    [FONT=lucida grande]Hello, I have started a facebook page for Regis University LHSON Accelerated BSN Class of December 2013. Congratulations everyone:
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    Hi Guys,

    Congrats to everyone accepted, that is so great. Did I interview with any of you on the 27th? (there were a lot of people from Portland, OR there that day). Anyhow, I did not get in or even as an alternate - - and they only told us this yesterday (and not the 14th).

    I am frankly shocked and dismayed because the students in my interview group really liked me and said they were sure I would get in. I really feel like my interviewers were biased against me somehow and that I got a really raw deal . . . I mean really raw. Regis was the one and only place I applied to because I liked it so much (and I expressed this over and over in my interview), and it is a real shame they didn't feel the same way about me.

    Sorry we won't be classmates,

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    Hello Adrienne,
    Thank you! Yes, I did attend the interview session on Friday, July 27. I am truly sorry to hear of your frustration and disappointment! Try to keep a positive outlook...You do have the option to reapply for May 2013 start date. The best of luck.
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    I couldn't find the FB page through your link. Is there another route to get to it?
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    I found it optimisticsoul. Wasn't working with the ipad, but just found the Facebook page and joined. thanks for setting that up. Tom C
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    Hey everyone, I am an alternate for the upcoming cohort. I was curious if any other alternates had heard anything/been offered a spot, or if anyone who is accepted is choosing another school. Also, for those of you who were accepted, if you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA? Mine is likely on the lower end, around a 3.3 and I think that may be the reason I'm an alternate. Thanks everyone!

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    Wade, good luck in getting through on the alternate list. I'd suggest staying in close communication with Regis so they're aware of your conviction. As far as their criteria for those that were accepted, I believe GPA was just one of many factors that they considered. I believe I was fortunate to be accepted on the basis of my personal statement, reference letters and interview. They didn't have an easy task in narrowing down the candidates to ninety. Best of luck to all alternates. Today is the commitment deadline, so they'll soon know how many additional openings there will be. Tom

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