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Hi, I am going to be applying to UCHSC this fall. In planning my pre-reqs, should I take a basic biology course prior to taking A&P I? I do already have a BA degree but not in the sciences, if that... Read More

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    Hi, Danielle. It's a hard question for me to answer because I took the science placement test in January--and now that feels like ancient history! But as best as I can remember:

    1. Lots of questions on the actual structures of the cell, down to fairly detailed information. Really know what every label on a diagram of a cell means.
    2. Knowing the basic biochemistry of the cell was important; recognizing chemical functional groups by their simplified chemical formulas was important.
    3. Knowing the process and phases of cellular metabolism, division, protein production--all that stuff.
    4. Knowing the parts and names of a microscope. I can't remember if any other lab equipment was covered? Maybe there were some questions on the scientific process in general?

    The topics they describe on their study guide gives a pretty accurate overview, as I remember. If you haven't found that yet, it's available at this link:

    All the way through I thought: I'm flunking this. I just wasn't sure of the material, and barely one question was something I could say, aha, I'm POSITIVE I know the answer to that.

    But all I needed was a 70? 75? to pass, and I managed--barely--with a 78. The best thing I did for myself was pay to access the Pearson study guide for the course. I went to the FRCC Larimer bookstore, found out what text the on-campus class was using, then went online to find the Pearson study guide for that textbook and purchased access. This wasn't cheap ($90), but it's what I studied pretty intensively before taking the test.

    Good luck! If you know this material (I hadn't studied biology in, oh, 25 years) you'll probably do just fine.