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  1. Has anyone worked for Professional Home Health Care Inc. in Colorado Springs? I have an interview with them tomorrow. Wondering what they are like to work for? So far the lady I have been in contact with seems really nice. Anything about the agency would be appreciated. Thank you
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  3. by   LuLu2008
    Did you get the job? I knew a nurse who worked there about a year ago, who was unhappy because of some scheduling conflicts. Good luck.
  4. by   churchsgirl
    I was offered the job; however, I did not accept. They were only going to give me 2 days of orientation and as a new grad I knew that was just not going to be enough. Plus they advertise as $28/hr, BUT it is $28 a visit, AND if Medicare considers it a "short" visit it was only $16 something/hr. I wasn't going to risk my license just for a paycheck....didn't seem worth it!
  5. by   LuLu2008
    You probably made a wise choice. I worked for a while in home health care and the routine visit -- even if it took 1 hour or more -- always required paperwork that was time consuming. Many nurses did the paperwork quickly but I chose to be more thorough. The traveling in this city is very time consuming, too, because the city is so spread out. I wish you well.
  6. by   churchsgirl
    Thank you, I appreciate it! It is rough for a new grad here If I don't have anything by April I will be either moving (away from my husband) two hours north to work for my mom. She is a DON in Fort Collins and she will hopefully have a full time position by then...get some work experience then try and get in somewhere in the Springs. If that doesn't pan out, I am going to have no choice but to live with a friend in Texas (away from my husband) where I graduated from. In Texas new grads start in the ER, ICU...you name it. I really want to work in MED/SURG-I like being busy and I want to learn more We shall see, I guess....
  7. by   LuLu2008
    Sounds like you have good plans! Your husband will survive and your career will be off to a very good start. I can tell you that the hospitals in the Springs are not the best from a nursing point of view. And don't start in a nursing home or long term care facility or you will become pigeonholed. Good luck!
  8. by   nursecoggs
    Have you applied to PSA Healthcare? They have an office in Colorado springs and hire new grads. You work in 8,10, or 12 hour shifts so you wouldn't have to worry about getting paid by the visit.