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Attention new grauates, military spouses and nurses thinking of relocating to Colorado Springs. We have a surplus of RN's here and it is difficult to get a job. Please stay away so those of us who are here will have a fighting... Read More

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    Just found this post.

    I had to leave my beloved Colorado Spgs in 1992 (yes, 1992) when I graduated...because there were no jobs then either, for new grads. Not only the Spgs., but all along the FR.

    One person in my class attained a position in a LTC facility in a remote area somewhere on the western slope.

    The rest of us either did not find work, or left the state.

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    I am a recent graduate of Beth-El College of Nursing, part of UCCS. And the situation is the same as it was 20 years ago. There are hardly any hospital jobs for the loads of new graduates that have graduated from nursing schools along the front range. Some new grads in my class were fortunate to get jobs, even dream jobs, at Memorial and Penrose-St. Francis. Others will have to look elsewhere. That's what I did. I am now going to relocate to North Dakota.

    I am going to miss the mountains. How I love to see Pikes Peak every morning. Now this will be the first year I will miss seeing the first permanent snow on Pikes Peak. That's going to suck. North Dakota is nothing more than farms filled with corn and sunflowers. No mountains.
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    Those beautiful mountains of Colorado are enticing I think I will apply for work there

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