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Hi there, I'm starting this thread for people interested in the Denver School of Nursing. I'm starting the BSN program in Oct 2006, and I'm going to try and post regularly to give new/prospective... Read More

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    Is the Denver School of Nursing bachelor's completion program really 22 months? That seems so long compared to the other ABSN programs.

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    Most are 18 months, they get 1 week breaks. We get two week breaks. That is the difference. Also some have 10 weeks of didactic classes in a quarter whereas DSN has 11 week quarters.
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    The program is actually 21 months long. We had 11 weeks in school with 2 weeks off in between, so each quarter is 13 months. We had a TON of lab and simulations that most of the faster programs don't require. I think those extra hours really prepared me for my first job and gave me alot of confidence in my skills starting out. On another note, my friends that are still in school at DSN told me that they heard that University Colorado Hospital hired a DSN grad for their bone marrow transplant oncology department. That NLNAC accreditation continues to open up more and more opportunities for us DSN grads. SWEET!
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    I just was told by I friend that I mistakenly put in the post above that each quarter at DSN was 13 months long. DUUHHH it's actually 13 weeks long. So, the BSN completion program I graduated from had seven eleven week quarters or 21 months total. Sorry about that.

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