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Hi there, I'm starting this thread for people interested in the Denver School of Nursing. I'm starting the BSN program in Oct 2006, and I'm going to try and post regularly to give new/prospective... Read More

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    Hey Kaiteelinn -

    Has the NLN come through for a final decision on the school? Per NLN website, DSN accreditation is suppose to be determined by March 2012. Have you heard anything? Thanks a lot!


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    I've heard from my friends that still attend DSN that the NLNAC visit at the end of February went very well. They told me they won't know for sure until the national board votes in mid July. I know that my firends from DSN that graduated in December all passed their NCLEX and most of them already have jobs. I'm sure you can call the school and they can give you more detailed information. Good luck!
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    The last NLN visit in February went great! I attended one of the forums and it they really liked us! Last year when they visited and decided we needed to do more to get accredited, it was because 1.) Our students were not involved in much. Now, our SNA is involved in many charities, we have a news paper and plan events. 2.) For some reason students used the forum last year to complain about issues that the school has no control over and NLN has no control over. It gave the NLN a bad taste in their mouth I think. The issues people complained about were parking and some even complained about the extreme difficulty it takes to pass. To those people I say, "This is an accelerated nursing school! It is supposed to be hard!"

    The reason I go into the past issues is because I want to make it clear that we took the faculty, student and NLN concerns and have improved. The schedule comes out 2 weeks before the term ends and does not change. We are more involved in our community and there is more student activities being planned. The denver post just did an article about how DSN has one of the highest NCLEX pass rates in the country, and if you think the NLN did not notice they did! During the Forum I attended the facilitators brought up the pass rates and our awesome HESI scores. They said that it reflects very well upon us!

    We will not hear until the board approves or denies us and I think that is not until July. However I think this last visit went great!
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    Hi everyone! I have sent in my application for dson and am wondering how competitive the program is. I live in cali and the waiting lists here are insane for nursing schools. Also, all the schools out here want 4.0 students which is not me. I have a 3.0 and have two w's on my transcripts . If anyone knows please be completely honest with me on my chances of getting in. I am hoping they will except me
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    It is not hard to get in. You have to take a HESI (they will give you the study guide first) and as long as you pass you should get in. If you have to take any pre-reqs take it at DSN as there is not wait list then (ex. if you need nutrition, take it at DSN and then you will automatically be on the roster for the next quarter after you finish nutrition.) This may save you a quarter of waiting. If you do not need any, you may have to wait two quarters before starting. I think the most I have heard of anyone waiting is 2 quarters, some do not even get wait listed. The program is first come first serve, so the earlier you apply the sooner you will start. Good luck! See you at DSN!

    OH! BTW, there are a ton of students from Cali at DSN, you will fit in great!
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    Thanks for your reply !! I have every pre req done so now i am just waiting to get in so if i don't get in this time do they put me on a waiting list or do i just keep applying? Anyone know what the school schedule is like? I am trying to figure out if i can work or not... Thanks
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    The first few quarters are rough. You do not have to keep applying, I don't think. If you pass HESI you get in. You just may have to wait longer to start. I do not recommend working. I worked at a hospital as CNA the first two quarters an it just about killed me! Lots of students work though, it just depends on you.
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    Oh wow..i was planning on transferring to Starbucks out there and working so i could keep my health benefits... What is a typical week like? School mon-sat? All day? I really appreciate all the insight
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    The average schedule is 3-5 days a week being in class from 4-10 hours a day. Sometimes you have long gaps between classes because they follow lecture with labs for some classes. There are lots of students in each cohort, 60! So, it is divided alphabetically and divided into groups A and B. Then Labs are further divided to ensure that we get lots of one on one time in the lab. This why there are several long gaps in the first few quarters. You are waiting to go to your lab while the other groups go. I do not recommend working, at least for the first two quarters. Patho is in the first quarter and it takes a lot of studying. Plus, you have assessment and it has a lot of work. Second quarter you have foundations and it has a 9 hour lab all in one day. Third quarter (this is if you choose BSN and not ADN), you have med-surg 1. This includes 4 weeks of clinical and 4 weeks of sim lab. You also have IV therapy which has a lecture and lab. Every lab you take at DSN, you have to prepare for a check off. Plus every quarter, except third, you have several HESI exams to take. They are 20% of your final grade. You also HAVE to achieve a 78% in test/quizzes for each class in order to pass.

    The reason I say you should not work if you do not have to, is because DSN is accelerated. It is a 4 year degree in almost half the time. However, I did it and several others do as well. It is really up to you and what you are comfortable with. Good luck! Keep me posted and feel free to ask me any questions.
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    I hope that they get the NLN!!! That would really open up doors for graduate schools! I am currently getting my Masters in Healthcare Leadership from DU! I got my undergraduate from there before going to nursing school. I want to get my MSN in something! Do you know once we get NLNAC will we be able to apply to Regis or University of Colorado for graduate programs?

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