Denver School of Nursing - BSN January 2018 applicants - page 3

I just submitted my application for the January 2018 BSN cohort. I've been an LPN for 7 years. My gpa is 3.15. I hope I get in!! Anyone else?... Read More

  1. by   CNAsed
    I got the e-mail as well! Hope to meet all of you all and to go though this amazing opportunity together!
  2. by   akhanom
    I just set up my interview date for the end of this month! I'm super excited!! Congrats everyone! Can't wait to meet you all.
  3. by   jill_k
    My interview is on Sept 1! Hope to meet you all
  4. by   questions2018
    Does anyone know when classes start this January? I need to figure out my last day at work!
  5. by   SiSi04
    Oritentation is December 19th and the start date is January 2nd!
  6. by   BabywhispererCO
    Hi everyone, does anyone know what the schedule is for the first quarter? Like M-F or TWTH or something? Or too early to know?
  7. by   coffee731
    Those who have gone through the interview - how was it? How did it go? Mine is Tuesday 10/4! What should I expect?
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  8. by   SiSi04
    I think its still too early to know. I know they will be sending out schedules before orientation.
  9. by   SiSi04
    The interview was good! They just asked me why I want to be a nurse, why I applied to DCN and more about me. They also talk more about the school and its history. I wouldn't worry too much. After the first part then I met with financial aid for 5 minutes and went on a tour of the school and their lab. Good luck!
  10. by   coffee731
    Very cool! And is the interview more of an acceptence piece or is it part of the acceptence process? What did you think of the school? And how is the lab?? I'm so excited. haha!
  11. by   coffee731
    I had my interview on Wednesday! I'm so excited! It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the school!
  12. by   madisonn41
    Hey Guys! Just found this site and am so happy to talk to other people that are planning to go to the school! I have my interview next month and if I get in ill be moving from California.
  13. by   coffee731
    Hi @madisonn41! Where is CA are you from? I'm from CA originally!