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  1. I'm starting Denver School of Nursing in April and we are relocating from California. From what we've seen so far, Craigslist is full of weirdos and not very trustworthy. Does anyone have any experience in the Denver area trying to find housing?
    We are flying out next weekend and would love some advice as to any good areas to look. Thanks!!
    PS- we have two dogs, so we need a house with a yard.
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  3. by   dan1100rt
    Here is a map of Denver, broken up into neighborhoods.
    (DSON is in the Union Station neighborhood)
    Neighborhoods that I like that are pretty convenient to DSON:
    - Congress Park
    - Park Hill
    - City Park West
    - Wash(ington) Park
    - Highland (not Highlands Ranch, the more southern suburb)

    When I moved here I spent a weekend driving the neighborhoods that had been recommended to me by friends. I answered ads in the Denver Post and Westword for housing, but ended up finding a very nice apartment in Congress Park that was not advertised except for a sign on the front lawn. The places I saw from the ads in the paper(s) were fine also, but most wanted a 1-year lease whereas the place that I took had a 6-month lease.

    You should be able to find rental houses that accept dogs - there are a lot of dogs in Denver.
  4. by   bano.bsn
    Thank you!!
  5. by   LMR9742
    Does anyone know of any good apartments within walking distance to Denver School of Nursing? Thanks!
  6. by   Alibaba
    Walking distance to DSON are lots of condos. It is in Lodo (lower downtown) where there are many older buildings that have been turned into condominiums but many are also for rent. The beauty of denver I have found is that you can be relatively far away distance wise but still be able to get downtown in a short period because the rail and bus system is so reliable and wide reaching.
    Like someone said before, washington park, congress park, city park are all downtownish and you could bike to the school and get the bus in the winter. A previous poster wasnt impressed with craigslist but I have had better experience with it. I think its a good place to start your search so you can see what is available and for how much.
    Good luck.