CU-Denver Summer 2013 Acceptance - page 3

by compassionpassion

Hello! Just curious if anyone who applied to CU-Denver Summer 2013 has heard anything yet? I am anxiously waiting and have checked my mail several times. On interview day we were told we hear something back by Thanksgiving. Well... Read More

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    I too received my acceptance letter yesterday. It was written 11-19 and post marked 11-26. Was beyond excited! I cant wait to get started. Has anyone taken a look at the check list of things to do before class starts? Its kind of a lot!
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    this is a little bit late but congratulations to you guys!!
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    Hi guys! Does anyone know if there is a facebook group for our class? I am not good with facebook and didn't know if there is one and I just can't find it!
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    Hello, I am thinking about accepting my admission to CU nursing school and am wondering how your program is going? Your likes/ dislikes etc., any info would be greatly appreciated!