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Hello! Just curious if anyone who applied to CU-Denver Summer 2013 has heard anything yet? I am anxiously waiting and have checked my mail several times. On interview day we were told we hear something back by Thanksgiving. Well... Read More

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    I think they should send out all the letters at the same time to be fair with everyone.
    I've been so anxious to check my mailbox everyday ever since I saw a posting here, but every time I got disappointed to find nothing.
    I've only applied to CU too. Would you mind sharing when you find out what's going on?
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    In response to leafleaf, I also applied for the Traditional program and received my acceptance letter on Friday of last week. I know how frustrating it can be waiting. I hope you get your letter soon!
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    So I called the school! The attendant said letters have gone out last week and more will go out this week! Everyone will likely hear something this week! Good luck everyone!
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    Thank you luvtoski and compassionpassion for sharing your info! I was about to call school.
    I have no idea how they do this (who to send letters first...), maybe with the alphabetical order? interview date??
    It's torture, but I guess I just have to be patient for a bit longer. Thanks again!
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    Hi, I applied to the accelerated, but was offered a spot in the traditional program. My letter was dated 11/19, but didn't reach CA til 11/26. After reading that others received their letters I, too, was wondering if I missed the mark. I'm sure the holiday slowed down the mailing process, so hang in there!
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    I just received my letter today. The letter date was 11/19, but the postmark was 11/26. I was accepted. Hang in there everyone!
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    I got my letter today too finally! and so relieved!
    Same with PaytoneJane, the letter was dated 11/19 but postmarked 11/26.
    Best of luck to everyone, and looking forward to meeting with you all!
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    Has anyone tried to get to this link they sent out in the application letter? Every time I enter it is says Page Not Found!
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    i typed the link in as written and it worked for me. here, try the direct link: BS Newly Admitted Summer | CU College of Nursing | University of Colorado Denver
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    Thank you so much asthecrowflies!

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