Concorde Aurora LPN training - page 3

by pearl77 | 7,919 Views | 21 Comments

Hi :) I would like to know if you can recommend this school for the lpn program. Has anyone attented the lpn program there? Can you tell me what the class schedule is? Do they offer evening classes and what is the approx. cost... Read More

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    I would really appreciate knowing more about your experience. how do I PM or e-mail you?
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    As far as I know, clinical sites don't change, but maybe in later sessions they will. Clinicals start in session 2, that's where I'm at, which is after ten weeks of school (session 1). I do feel that I'll be ready to pass the NCLEX, but I study hard, it's up to you, really.
    Listen, some days at Concorde are great, some are not so good. I just wish it was excellent.

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