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I didn't find another topic relating to the new grad RN program for Children's Hospital Colorado, so I decided to start a thread. Anyone else apply for the August cohort? I live in San Diego... Read More

  1. by   Sassy29RN
    The fmgirl, I dont think we are getting a skills survey, are we? The recruiter told me that the skills survey was for our references. So basically we submit their email addresses, & they send them a link to the on-line skills survey-- that they take in lieu of a Letter of Rec.

    We basically have 2 interviews, and a scenarios exam (that we take after our interviews). Is there more? Thx.
  2. by   roborn
    Sassy29, that was my impression as well, 2 interviews, one w/ the educators, the other one w/ the managers, and one written exam.
    I'm excited and scared.
  3. by   Sassy29RN
    Thanks roborn. You actually have more info that I do... I knew it was 2 interviews but they never told me with who?? I knew one would probably be with the nurse managers, but who are the educators?? Are they nurse educators, or HR folks??

    Ya-- I feel the same way... So excited but kinda freaking out too! Haha.
  4. by   thefmgirl
    Sassy, you are correct. If I would read before I type, I might figure it out for myself

    For those interviewing for either CCBD or NICU, I have been informed they are hiring 4 in each unit and interviewing 9 for each unit. Given that 2 people (that I know of so far) are double interviews, this makes it 50/50 chances for everyone, since they're only interviewing 16 different people! Best of luck. I look forward to hearing from those who get jobs so that we can celebrate with you!
  5. by   roborn
    Wow, thefmgirl, how did you find out that information? Did you ask the recruiter?
    I would like to find out the ration for the Oncology unit....
  6. by   Sassy29RN
    Thanks for all the great info thefmgirl! I am interviewing for ED so no idea how many folks are in the "mix" for that dept. Does anyone know anything about the scenarios exam?? I am trying to figure out where to focus my review time.
  7. by   thefmgirl
    Roborn, I emailed the recruiter for the numbers. I just happened to know that at least 2 of us were being interviewed for the same two units.
  8. by   Sassy29RN
    They told me during my interview, they are hiring 38 people-- That's a lot-- WooHoo! (I do not know the unit breakdowns.)
  9. by   kingo
    When was everyone told they would hear back by? What unit did you interview for? I interviewed for the 6th floor.
  10. by   Sassy29RN
    They said they would be going through all the candidates (exams, interviews, etc) today-- Fri. But said it might take a couple weeks to let people know. I interviewed for ED. Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   i<3veggiesRN
    I interviewed for the medical unit. They told me they were hoping to choose by the end of today; so it could be as early as next week they start making calls for offers, but it could be as long as a couple weeks depending on references. Fingers crossed for all of us!
  12. by   annakahara
    I just received a call this afternoon offering me a position
  13. by   kingo
    I received a call with an offer as well. Which unit? I accepted a position for Level 6.