Children's Hospital Colorado - Fall 2012 Nurse Residency Application

  1. Hi there,
    I submitted my application for the new graduate nurse residency program at Children's Hospital Colorado on June 2. For some reason, I could access it before it was officially posted... Maybe it's because I had a job agent set up? I thought I'd start a forum so we could all speculate and share info on the application process for the Fall 2012 start date.

    About me: My first B.S. was in Health Management and Policy (SO CLOSE!) and then attended a second degree B.S.N. program and graduated this May 2012. I have worked with children as a preschool teacher in college, camp counselor and have worked at Boston Children's Hospital for 4+ years now. I am from Boston =) but am really interested in relocating for their VERY well established new graduate residency program.

    I've posted their timeline below:
    Timeline for starting the program in August 2012

    *Includes May 2012 graduates

    • June 4-8, 2012: Position posted
    • June 14 or 15, 2012: Select applicants to interview
    • June 27-29, 2012: Interviews
    • July 27, 2012: Selection and notification of candidates
    • August 20, 2012: Start of program

    Let the games begin!
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  3. by   peanutsauce
    The system allowed me to apply early as well -- rather, earlier than the expected post date. Thank you so much for sharing the timeline!

    My application was forwarded to a hiring manager, and I was notified via email of that this morning. Check your status! It is great to know when the hiring mangers will be getting in touch with us if we are selected for an interview, and that this will be happening SOON!
  4. by   ChristinaG123
    Hey peanutsauce,
    I just got the same emails today (passed initial review, forwarded to the hiring manager). I am wondering if that is a generic response...? I don't want to get my hopes up! Thursday/Friday can't come soon enough! Where are you from?

  5. by   peanutsauce
    I am assuming it is a generic response - my email did not specify which unit I was forwarded to. I am thinking about calling HR to ask. I am curious as to how many were forwarded -- with calls expected to come so soon, they couldn't have sent too many? Perhaps that's just wishful thinking, but it's certainly better than a rejection

    Hopefully those calls come in for both of us! I'm from Northern California.
  6. by   Genu9ine
    Hey everyone,

    I got the same email as well, seems to be a generic response. Here's to hoping they stick to the timeline, but I know they're probably super busy. I'm from Texas by the way.
  7. by   ChristinaG123
    Hi everyone,
    So I know it's just speculation but my friend who just interviewed at UCH said a lot of people had a rejected status when she had the "routed" status. I don't think it's a generic response but I'm still going to be cautiously optimistic! I have reached out to someone who posted on here about starting the residency this past winter about the application process, interview and what they actually thought about the program. If and when I hear back, I will be sure to share the experience!

  8. by   alisonarp
    Me and my friend both applied and she recieved the initial screening email and then never got the hiring manager one. So even though I dont know how many people were put through to the hiring manager I do know some were not. I'm waiting to here about the applicant selections!!! Did anyone get calls yet??

    I'm from NJ, dying to move and crossing my fingers!

  9. by   bigerin
    I got some initial email from HR asking me some questions and that's it so far. Does anyone know what that means?
    Now when I try to login to check the application status it takes me to some different page than it used to and won't let me log in?
    thanks, erin
  10. by   bigerin
    it seems like if you didn't get a 2nd email that it was sent to a hiring manager that's bad..
  11. by   ChristinaG123
    Hi Bigerin,
    I had trouble with the login so just completely close out your browser and try again. It has something to do with the cookies! I hope we get some answers today! It seems like all our email stories are different so fingers crossed for everyone!

  12. by   alisonarp
    Hopefully. I also found a thread from people discussing the last Residency start date. It seemed like they got their answers a couple days late but I hate waiting and not knowing so hopefully we all do hear today!! (Good things)
  13. by   bigerin
    thanks. so it looks like everyone is still waiting...
  14. by   alisonarp
    Yes still waiting