Children's Hospital Colorado - Fall 2012 Nurse Residency Application - page 3

Hi there, I submitted my application for the new graduate nurse residency program at Children's Hospital Colorado on June 2. For some reason, I could access it before it was officially posted... Maybe it's because I had a job... Read More

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    Did u go to Regis? Or another Denver school? Did they do their practicing there?

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    Yeah, I went to Regis! The 2 people that I know that got interviews did do their senior practicum there. I did my practicum elsewhere, although I did my pediatric rotation there. I know from a meeting I went to during that rotation that the application process is so extremely competitive, and they have very limited slots, so I am keeping things in perspective. Even if I have to get a little experience elsewhere , I am sure I will reapply in the future Where did you go to school? Are you in Denver? I am finding that it's extremely hard to find hospitals that want new grads here
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    I went to school in DC.. But I'm moving back to Denver this week, I'm from there. I have friends that went to Regis. There are a LOT of positions not taking new grads... But we will all get jobs someplace in Denver... Hopefully at children's. I've heard it's competitive with limited slots as well!
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    We should be notified either way i think?
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    Hey guys,

    HR just called me from Children's and they said that everyone who got interviews was called on Friday.. Apparently there was over 300 applicants and only 30 got interviews. She said almost all of them did their senior practicums there..
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    I have an interview for the Spring 2013 residency program at Children's. If any of you went through the interview process, do you have any advice?!

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    I am an alternate for an interview this round. Does anyone have experience with this?

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