Can I work while in school?

  1. 0 I live in Breckenridge. I am considering Front Range, Arapahoe Community College, or Glenwood Springs. (It's actually a shorter drive to denver than to Glenwood)

    I am wondering with these two-year ASN programs if I can work while in school? Are you actually in class/clinicals five days a week? I have a flexible work schedule and can work around a 2-3 day a week schedule that changes all the time, but I cannot stop working altogether and need some days during the week off to work.

    I am just trying to figure out how to accomplish nursing school and life without opting for an on-line school. So any info would be great.

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    I'm in an ADN program and I am in clinicals 2 days a week. I have my choice to do my clinicals on the same day as my lecture/lab classes or on the other two days. So I can either do my classes in 2 days or 4. I'm choosing to do my clinicals on Mon/Tues and then my classes are from 2:30 to 5:00 on Wed/Thurs. This way, if I need to study for an exam or do some extra schoolwork, I have all day on Mon/Tues after I get out of clinicals at 12:30pm.
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    Thanks for info. I hope the school in colorado is like that. That would be great to have that choice!
    Happy Holidays!
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    I will be at college 5 days a week - 17 credit hours in the first semester, I can't imaging anyone being able to work and do that at the same time.


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