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Hi, just wondering if there are any others here on CU's call list. I'm happy to be on it, but the additional waiting and wondering is torture! Does anyone know how they rank people on the list? thanks!... Read More

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    Violet808---BIG Congrats! I just received a call for acceptance early this afternoon...I am soooo happy! And, yes, she said if you do not answer she moves on. She was very nice. Limeade---You are next, I know it!!! I'm hanging with you on this, and soooo wishing you luck! Let us know!
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    wow, congratulations to both of you! So exciting, and a huge relief too I am sure. Great news!!

    I'm not sure where I heard this, but I think someone mentioned that if someone declines their spot, CU will call people on the call list with similar demographics, which I assume means age, experience, etc. I was thinking if that is true, I may not have a great chance of getting a call. My reasoning is that people my age (38), second career type folk, probably have a family and therefore only applied in-state, therefore less likely to decline in favor of another school. But who knows. I am still keeping my phone with me at all times--it just never rings.
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    anyone out there who is still waiting for "the call"? I'm becoming discouraged.