Arapahoe community college nursing program

  1. Is it hard to get into their nursing program? I've heard it's real competitive, and I noticed that most people spend quite awhile just getting through the pre-requisites. I would like to hear from someone who went there. How long did it take you to do the pre-requisites, and how long did it take before you were accepted into the program? I asked the advisor and she said one out of every three people who come to her office say they want to do the nursing program, yikes that makes me nervous.
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  3. by   Midwife4tomorrow

    I'm actually applying in July for the upcoming spring term, January, '14. I'm not sure how "easy" it is to get in, but from my understanding, the applications are graded upon a point scale. While there may be many people that apply, I think as long as you have done all of your "homework", turned everything in on time, and did what you could to make your application shine, then you should be just fine. There is quite a "list" to complete before the application can even be ready to turn in, but I think that this is a good thing. The "list" is a way of not only ensuring that applicants chosen are qualified, but it also is a way of getting rid of the applicants that are not qualified and/or unsure of the nursing journey. Too many people get accepted into nursing programs that aren't serious about it and its a true disservice to the field and the program to which they applied.
  4. by   Ellsworth25
    I got into ACC for the fall 2012 start. We were told that around 500 people applied and that they chose around 40 of us (i think a bit less) within the first 200 applications reviewed. It is pretty competitive- but having that whole list of requirements helps weed people out. ACC was just ranked first in the state and nation for nursing programs (BSN included) so I imagine they will be getting more applications.