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Hi Everyone, I wanted to get a thread started for those applying for the Traditional BSN program starting Summer 2014. I've been following this thread: which gives out a ton of info and help.... Read More

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    Dido! We could either all find each other individually or perhaps we start a CU interview group? Will FB let us do that?

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    I like the idea of a Facebook group! I don't see why we couldn't.
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    Let's see if that works for everyone! If the link doesn't work, search for the group "UC Denver Nursing Interviews 2013"

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    Congrats to everyone! Has anybody from out of state booked a hotel yet?
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    I was also invited to attend the Interview Day. The invitation email I received (on the 5th) says "The information on the interview will be sent to you before the interview day, " but I haven't received anything yet. Has anybody received any new information regarding Interview Day, either thru email or snail-mail?
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    Hello all,

    I also received an invitation to interview and responded via Survey Monkey. I hadn't heard anything yesterday morning, so I called Admissions and was told that the email containing interview day details was due to go out yesterday afternoon. I still haven't received anything and am getting very worried that my Survey Monkey response didn't work or…something. Somebody please put my mind at ease and tell me that they just haven't sent the email. Otherwise I am going to be anxiously awaiting Monday morning when I can call again.

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    I haven't received anything either. Has anyone??
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    I called on Friday morning and was told they hoped to have the email with follow up information sent out by the end of that day, but that it could be delayed until Monday. Good luck preparing, everyone!
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    Has anyone gotten an acceptance letter yet? I know they said they would let us know by Christmas and I figure they would have to send them out this week as I doubt they are working next week.
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    Nothing yet. Hoping it will be soon!

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