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Just seeing who has applied to the CU Nursing traditional program for a summer 2013 start. Has anyone been asked for an interview yet? I haven't heard anything yet. Thanks! Shannon... Read More

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    I found out today I got offered a spot in the CU traditional program. I am definitely grateful and relieved ... but also pretty bummed, because I really wanted the accelerated program. I had a good interview, have (nearly) a 4.0 GPA, plus 10 yrs healthcare experience. The only thing I didn't have was a Master's degree. Best of luck to everyone still waiting. I am not sure where to go from here yet...

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    I received my letter yesterday! It was dated 11/19, but didn't reach CA til 11/26. I applied to the accelerated, but was offered traditional. I'm a little bummed, but being offered a spot in the traditional is a huge relief and definitely better than waiting another year to apply! Congrats to everyone for getting in!
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    Hi all! I finally received my letter today! I applied for the traditional program and I live in the Denver metro area. I am super excited to start this new journey with you all!
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    Hey guys! After days of anxiety I finally received my letter today! I was accepted!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!
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    Found out today I was accepted to Villanova's BSNExpress program - now to the task of choosing: CU traditional, or TJU or Villanova's accelerated! Happy
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    Congrats Bird!
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    Thank you @PaytonJane - and congrats on your acceptance as well!
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    So I got the letter yesterday that I was rejected. I still can't believe it. During the last accelerated cycle I was call listed (alternate) and they were only accepting for 36 spots and interviewed 100. This time they interviewed 300 and were accepting for 186 spots. I also thought my interview went better this time because I felt better prepared for the types of questions they would ask.

    My overall GPA is 3.9 and I have a 4.0 in my prerequisites. The only thing that I can think of is that my interview did not go as well as I thought it did. At least I had already signed up for Pathophysiology as a backup plan for spring, so I can apply to at least 3 schools (CU, Publeo, and Metro State) next fall. Still, it is rather discouraging. Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm! And with 3 schools I should be able to be accepted somewhere.
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    Oh, and though I do not have a job in healthcare, I have been volunteering at a local emergency department since this February and have over 130 hours of volunteer time. I tried to relate my experiences with patients in the interview. I'm not quite sure where my application went wrong.
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    I'm so sorry for your disappointment. That is really baffling with your credentials. My guess is that they assigned numerical scores to our GPAs, essays, and interviews, and then ranked us. I hope you keep trying. (hugs)

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