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  1. Hi everyone! I got accepted into Colorado state university pueblo nursing school and was wondering if anyone on here knew information on the program. Has anyone been in the program? If so did you think it was a good program? I have tried getting into aims nursing program and they denied me so this is my second option and I am very lucky that I got accepted! I just want to make sure it's a good school.
    I would love any information on the nursing school. How were classes? Did you feel you were learning important material? All those types of things. I still have to take Chem and a foreign language before I enter the program. I am excited to have gotten into a university as I have been going to community college. It is a bummer that I didn't get accepted into their program, but I am optimistic about this one.
    Also, I was informed that even though I got accepted, I still have to take the Kaplan. They said it doesn't impact acceptance into the program, but I want to know more information on that if anybody knows anything on it. Will they make me retake classes if I don't do good on the test or what happens exactly with that? Also did anyone work while they were in the program? I know that nursing school is very demanding but I know some people do work as well. I would want to possibly have a job still so I was wondering how that went.
    Another question I have is if anyone lived on campus while being in the nursing program. I know there are student apartments which caught my eye. I will be taking a tour out there soon so I do not know too much about the area yet. Is it better to get just any apartment not on campus?
    Were clinicals local??? Or did you have to travel far distances for clinicals. I am not very familiar with the area and am not sure how clinicals would go.
    I would greatly appreciate any comments on Colorado state university pueblo nursing school! I just want to be confident that I am making the right choice since I am not a local there. I would love to hear from past nursing students and their experiences in the nursing program! I currently work as a CNA and I am really positive I want to be a nurse! It's just a matter of getting into nursing school. Oh one thing I forgot to ask is what where the semesters like? And what was the total years of being in the program? It's strange because the nursing school starts in the spring and so I was wondering what the semester sequence was like. Sorry for all the questions! Thanks for all comments! I do appreciate everyone's input. I am very excited that I might be starting my nursing journey at Colorado state university in pueblo. I am nervous because I will be away from home for the first time, but I have to do this in order to purse my nursing career! It's a scary situation and I hope I can hear some comforting words from you all! Tha is for reading all of this and all of the questions I have! I can't wait to read what everyone has to say about the Colorado state university pueblo nursing program. Any information about the program would be greatly appreciated as I do not know too much information about it and I figurged I should do my research. Thank you so much.
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  3. by   Godsgal
    I have applied there, too (for May 2018). Would love more information from anyone who has been through the program. Is there any way for people to talk outside of all nurses or contact each other personally through this site? I have not figured out how to yet.

    Thanks, GG