Any ideas on locating a Colorado NP preceptor?

  1. 0 Hello Colorado nurses!

    I am starting a Post masters FNP program in the fall of 2009. I will be starting clinicals on or about 1/2010.
    In addition, I need to work full time during the day. Therefore, the ideal situation for clinicals would be in the late afternoons and/or the weekends/Saturday.

    My thought tis hat the ideal preceptor would be a NP or a MD/DO that is in Family Practice and does an occasional later office hours and an occasional Saturday, urgent care center that has later hours and weekends, Walgreens type of clinic, or a low income clinic that is open on the weekends and/or evenings.

    So....I do not know anyone who works in that type of setting. How would your advise to contact such an individual? Walk in, write a letter, or contact the office manager?

    This means so much to me, but I need to continue to work full time day hours. Any ideas or possible contacts is sincerely appreciated.

    Again, thank you so much.
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