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I just want to share with you an inspiring story of a success in the never-ending fight to get insurers to treat their customers fairly. There's a phrase I'm hearing more and more - Death by... Read More

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    Quote from herring_RN
    PacifiCare agrees to pay for Nick Colombo's treatment

    More and more patients dissatisfied with decisions by their insurance companies are seeking to exert public pressure from rallies to letter writing campaigns.
    It's hard to know what effect they have. Some medical ethicists say allocation of health care should be determined by expected outcomes, not lobbying efforts.
    The matter is more complicated in cases like Nick's, where doctors disagree on the best course of treatment
    As far as I'm concerned, the whole problem with this is that with the private insurance companies, decisions are made behind closed doors. There is no transparency when it comes to how decisions about who receives care and who won't are made. Is it all financial? Is it based on outcomes? We never know.

    In a publicly funded universal plan, there would be cases that would be refused, but we would all know which ones they would be because such things would be decided in an open manner.

    This is just one more problem area of our health care system that screams out for single-payer, universal health care and an end to us all being screwed over by the private insurers.

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    Patient advocacy exists whether there is a union or not.
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    Quote from Iam46yearsold
    Patient advocacy exists whether there is a union or not.
    True, but my experience is that with a strong union behind you like the California Nurses Association and the National Nurses Organizing Committee you have more power to make the difference.
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    I have plenty of power as is. I have no need of a union to back me up. And I have made many a difference in my time.

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