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i find it so frustrating. everyone wants cnas experience, i even read a job add that wanted someone with ten years of experience, but how am i supposed to get any experience if no one will give me the chance to begin to develop... Read More

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    Quote from alxndria.mrqtt
    I have had a CNA license for years. I have applied everywhere (home health, LTC, hospitals, psych homes, etc....) I've only ever been called for an interview for home health. Did it for 3 months and hated it. I've volunteered at two hospitals for a combined experience of two years. I don't get a single call from anyone. CNA was a waste of money.
    I am sorry you haven't had much luck. I have been a CNA for 4 years and when I first got my CNA licence, I was hired. It might have to do with your location. I worked for a traveling staffing agency that paid me $12 an hour as a new CNA.
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    toxic.waste, what is "a traveling staffing agency"?

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    Hey toxic.waste,

    You said you got a job at a traveling staffing agency? I am a new CNA grad and I just got a job for a traveling staffing agency as well aka registry.. They pay $13 BUT they don't train! I am scared because even though I graduated, I would feel a lot more comfortable being trained at least a day or two.. Were you trained? Or put on the floor right away? Thanks!