Working in pediatrics in my area?

  1. i would like to work as a either a nicu/picu/l&d/ob nurse in the future, and since i am already a cna, i would like to lay the foundation early by working in pediatrics now. problem is, the only pediatric opportunities in my area are all at hospitals who will not even consider you if you don't have atleast 1 year of paid experience in pediatrics(will not take volunteer experience).i have tried looking up pediatric home health agencies and medical centers with no luck. the closest pediatric anything that isn't a hospital that i know of is over 150 miles away. i have no idea how to get experience if there really is nothing around. does anybody know of any pediatric agencies/centers in california's bay area, more specifically the dublin/livermore/pleasanton area that will hire a cna with just regular experience(i work at a home health agency now)? thanks for any advice
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