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Working and taking CNA class?

  1. 0 I am currently working full time and would like to continue to do so while I'm taking my CNA class. I would be working full time and then taking the night class. Is this too much?
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    It depends on what your job is that you're doing full time. Really, though, you're probably okay. The CNA exam is not that hard, and clinicals are not difficult.
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    No, it's not too much. I was working full time, going to university full time, and taking my CNA class all at the same time. NA class is a breeze. Being a CNA isn't.
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    Depends on your age and level of maturity. For some, becoming a CNA is a big freaking deal w/ a butt load of anxiety because its all so new and you're only 18-20.
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    I am a full time single mom of three girls and am just starting out my education in the health care field. I work, hv my three girls and go to school. Time management and dedication as well as a genuine love for the health care field
    Is imperative. Good luck and I never do my home work at home. It would never get completed! Hah
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    I think as long as you have the motivation to do it, you can take on that workload.
    Just try to keep a balance in your schedule and not take on more responsibilities you can commit to.
    I don't know what your other obligations are (if you have kids for example), but you should be able to attend CNA school while working full time as long as the school is willing to give you their schedule for the clinical portion of the course, where you have to go to a healthcare setting where you can shadow a CNA at work.
    I've had people drop out of the CNA class I attended due to the clinical schedule interfering with their priorities.

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