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I looked on my state's (Illinois) health care worker registry and it says I passed the CNA competency exam on 1/21/13. Am I officially considered a CNA?... Read More

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    Well, I'm sorry, the OP asked and I answered according to my knowledge. I do have a CNA license number with my CNA certification.. I'm in Florida.

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    My document is a CNA certification which has a license number. Why is this so hard to understand? Obviously not all states do it the same. I took a picture of it but can't post it. Looking for a way to do it so you can see.
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    I understand completely I too have one. I was just letting you know its not a license, its a certification. There is a difference. You may have been issued a "license number" but it doesn't mean you have a "license" you have a Certification.

    Licenses are mandated through regulatory or government agencies and define the title and scope of practice. Having a certification is typically offered by an industry to uphold certain standards. A certification is the recognition of an individual who has demonstrated through a standardized assessment that they meet defined qualifications within a profession.

    I wasn't trying to be rude, I was just letting everyone know there is a difference. Its good information to know for Job interviews etc.
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    I am certified in the state of TN and was issued a license number.

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