What's a typical shift like as a CNA?

  1. Since most hospitals require some experience, this question is more specifically for CNAs who work in long term care facilities. But for those who do work in hospitasl, I would love to hear about your experiences as well!
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  3. by   Kvedaa
    I worked in both long term and acute care as a CNA before starting a BSN program. I worked swing shift (3-11), I have 5-8 patients, and worked on a unit with 3 other CNA's. A typical shift started with getting report from the previous shift and the RN, checking in on each patient helping them get up or lay down, going to the restroom etc. after that I usually had a couple showers to help with and sort the residents laundry, re-stock rooms with supplies, pass out stuff for cleaning up before bed. Then we would all have to work together to get everyone up and ready for dinner at 5, some residents went to the dinning room and some stayed on our unit, we would pass trays to those who stayed and helped those who needed it to eat. After clearing dinner trays and getting everyone back from the dinning room we would help everyone go to the bathroom and then we would get our 30 minute lunch break. After our lunch we would start to get each resident to bed who felt like it and usually had that done by 8 or so, after that a few residents would need to get up or want to stay up later so we would attend to them and chart finally we would do a last rounds at 10 or so checking on everyone and changing them if need be or helping those who where ambulatory to the restroom. After giving report to our shifts RN and the CNAs coming on we would go home I hope this helps!