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what to do?

  1. 0 okay... so I had an interview on Monday at a place that I REALLY liked. Its close to home, amaaazing benefits, HUGE facility, but I'm not sure what the starting pay is... but I felt like the interview went REALLY well. They said that I should hear back from them within a week. Well, today I interviewed at a small 20 bed facility. Its really nice and I think I would enjoy working there.... but it starts at 9.50 an hour and would be 3rd shift, which I'm not crazy about. Also, I would have to get my CBRF certification within 90 days and they reimburse you after you're employed there for a year. She offered me the job but before I "accept", she wants me to job shadow for a few hours tomorrow morning. What would you do? I NEED a job. Quickly.... so a jobs a job, right? I should take whatever I'm offered. If place #1 comes and offers me a position, I'm taking it but what if I accept the offer from place #2 tomorrow and then tomorrow afternoon, place #1 calls? Someone tell me what to do!
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    Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Go ahead and job shadow at the 2nd place and accept a position if offered. If the other job hires you it will be soon and you can just let the 2nd place know you accepted a different position. I would bet you will hear from job 1 before you begin orientation for job 2.

    You don't want to turn down job 2 and then have job 1 offer the position to someone else.