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I got ripped a new one by a nurse the other night. :mad: I was working a 5-9 pm shift with my partner, it was our job to give the evening showers (this is a LTC facility). 15 minutes before my shift was over I was assigned... Read More

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    I understand that it is never ideal to leave a patient lying in urine or soiled. Would you get written up regardless of what was happening at that time? I've had to leave people lying wet for a very short time before (maximum 30 mins)- but only because I've been caught up in something or helping with some emergency or more vital task. I always feel bad but CNAs and especially nurses do have to prioritise.
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    Sometimes as a nurse you have to prioritize. Getting your med pass/insulins done would take priority over personal care for a patient.
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    I would have, if I were the cna, changed the pt's linen and gown. That is well within my scope of practice as a cna and what I believe I should do in that situation. The nurse can deal with her/his responsibility, but I would make sure mine was covered. I would then let the on-coming cna know that "I changed Mr. B; however, his foley is leaking and the nurse has not changed it yet. So, he will probably be wet again."

    Insulin is important and a foley change requires a doctor's order. Maybe the patient has standing orders for this maybe they don't. The foley may just need to be flushed. Again, this requires a doctor's order. As a nurse, if it is at the end of my shift, I would let the on-coming nurse know that I discovered Mr. B's foley may need changing/flushing. If I have more time or I know that the on-coming nurse is already going to be swamped, I would go ahead and take care of that task after I give report.
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