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    I just got accepted into a CNA class being held by a local chain of LTC and rehabilitation nursing homes (Avamere- which is in OR, WA, ID, and CO). I am located in Eugene, Oregon. They are paying for the class as long as I promise to work for them for 6 months. I start on monday!!
    I am currently in the process of getting into nursing school for my BSN, just waiting until January when I can apply. Does anybody have any tips for new CNAs starting out in a nursing home setting. I also have not heard anything from the employer about what shifts they are hiring for and if for FT or PT yet. Any tips on what shift I should take if I have a choice? I will only be taking online classes until January so I have flexibility in my schedule. Any suggestions or comments are welcome!
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    Also for clinicals and for once I start actually working, what shoes do y'all recommend that are the comfiest and provide the best support. I don't want Birkenstocks or danskos because I've heard they take time to get use to and can hurt more to begin with. Would nikes or other tennis shoes work good?
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    I've been a cna for 3 years. It was very hard to start out, especially never having worked in a medical profession before. I worked second shift (3-11) when I worked in LTC and I thought that was the easiest shift to adapt to being a new cna. You don't have the hustle and bustle of dayshift and you don't have the slowness of night shift. Feel out the dynamic of your fellow staff. Some cnas may try to make you feel low or ignore you. They may just want you to prove yourself. This happened to me with one person in particular and, down the road, she ended up being the person I worked fastest with.

    As far as shoes, I love my Nike AirMax! Super comfy & breathable (though you need to be careful when giving showers cause your feet will get wet lol).