Thinking about going to Nursing School, should I be a CNA first?? - page 3

Hi everyone, I just needed some advice. I have a bachelor's degree and would like to get my B.S.N. I have a few prerequisites to take first like A&P 1 &2 and Microbio. I just started as an NA and am... Read More

  1. by   mskrisCNA2bRN
    I'm a CNA and I am starting nursing in January of next year. My take on this is that being a CNA is a great starting point and you learn a lot and gain respect for the CNA's you will eventually come to supervise. I also feel that you will use these skills again if not in future jobs as a nurse at least in nursing school within your first semester. I think you should stick with it and don't let what you do as a CNA deter you from becoming a nurse. Be confident and excited about your future endeavors and I wish you the best of luck. 😊