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Hi everyone, I just needed some advice. I have a bachelor's degree and would like to get my B.S.N. I have a few prerequisites to take first like A&P 1 &2 and Microbio. I just started as an NA and am... Read More

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    Yes Yes Yes! If you work as a CNA, you will have alot of experience and will be more prepared for nursing school than non-CNA nursing students, and will be one step ahead of the students who don't have experience as a NA or CNA. Some hospitals train you to start foleys, etc. and you will be such a pro, that you won'nt be nerviouse in clinicals. I am a CNA myself, and can tell what nurses were cna's in the past and who was'nt. The nurses who were cna's before becoming RN's are the ones who understand our job, and are a great at helping us, and do not complain either. Those RN's are always letting me know that being a CNA is the best decision they ever made, and let me know that I made the right choice. I strongly encourage you to get your CNA and work in a hospital. Some hospitals will hire you even if you only fineshed a nursing assistant course and did'nt get your actual CNA yet. But it truly does'nt hurt to take the state test for your go for it!

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    Helpful? Yes. Necessary? No. I was never a CNA and manage just fine.
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    Hi, and a couple more things I have to say...and this is in response to the negative comments about being a CNA. First of all, you won't hurt your back unless you dont take the steps to keep yourself safe, rude coworkers and staff are everywhere, and I have always recieved respect from everyone at the two nursing homes and two hospitals I worked at, I just ignore and or move on somewhere else.. Pay is excellent for just have to find out which place pays good, and there are places that pay decent.There is always work..I love my job, and have worked most of the different floors in hospitals and nursing I know what to expect when I go to nursing school and start my career, thanks to my awesome experience as a CNA. I encourage you to only listen to us CNA's and nurses who have very positive I said before, those who make those negative comments must be working somewhere where they are very unhappy, or maybe need a career change, sorry ladies and gents, but the truth hurts..I have some stressful days, and maybe have shed a tear in the bathroom, but I love what I do, and the patients and those in need of our support and healing make my life so happy! ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
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    Thank you everyone for all of your help! I take the state exam at the end of this month! I agree that being a CNA will help a lot, but it is not necessary for everyone. Since I would like to do the accelerated BSN I think it's best to already feel comfortable with the basic skill set, it will give me a leg up for at least a little while. By the way, all of you who are CNAs, I respect you and your hard work. Wow, it is a great thing what CNAs do and at my job a lot of the CNAs are wonderful to the patients and the patients really appreciate their hard work. I do think that sometimes nurses who weren't CNAs still do respect the CNAs and what they do, my sister is a nurse and loves her CNAs and defends them because she appreciates everything they do. It's difficult because there are some nurses who have been CNAs and they feel like, "well I've done it before so tough luck I don't feel bad for you" and won't help you. It all depends on the personality of the nurse and not so much if they have previous CNA experience. I think working towards my CNA in a nursing home has definitely allowed me the chance to acquire the basic nursing skill set and realize that I enjoy being with patients and taking care of them.
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    Quote from mariecandela1985
    Hi everyone, I just needed some advice. I have a bachelor's degree and would like to get my B.S.N. I have a few prerequisites to take first like A&P 1 &2 and Microbio. I just started as an NA and am working at a nursing home. Can anyone tell me if this is a good idea, because the pay is very low, but it's do-able for me, but I just really wanted to get some good experience before I pursue nursing. Can you please kind of provide me with the pros and cons? Thank you so much for your help!!
    It's great to get the experience and understand everything inside and out before moving up to a fast paced place. You need to get the confidence and go through some difficult experiences first!!
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    I am currently a LNA at a Rehabilitation Unit and I think that being an LNA first, prior to becoming a nurse is a huge benefit. As a lna you can tell whether or not the nurse you are working with has been an lna before. I work hand and hand with my nurses and it gives you an understanding on each person's job. I feel that nurses who were lna's first have more respect towards what goes into being an lna which in hand makes for a better team environment. I strongly encourage all nurses to be lna's first!
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    I'm a CNA and I am starting nursing in January of next year. My take on this is that being a CNA is a great starting point and you learn a lot and gain respect for the CNA's you will eventually come to supervise. I also feel that you will use these skills again if not in future jobs as a nurse at least in nursing school within your first semester. I think you should stick with it and don't let what you do as a CNA deter you from becoming a nurse. Be confident and excited about your future endeavors and I wish you the best of luck. 😊

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