STNA/CNA- Worth it while in college/transferable to another state?

  1. I currently have a job as a business admin. I work about 30 hours a week (plus I need to be available for emails, phone calls, etc. on nights and weekends... all for which I don't get paid), not the greatest pay, no benefits.

    I really want a job in a hospital/drs office while working towards my goal of eventually finishing college (in a non-medical related field). I want something where I'll get insurance since I'll be dropped from my parents' next year and something that when I come home from work, I'm home. Not where I worry that I'll be in trouble if I'm away from my phone for an hour or so and end up with a number of important emails from my boss. I know that the job could be stressful (which I feel like I could handle well as I regularly have to try to get 8 hrs of work done in 6 hrs everyday).

    Ideally, I'd like something clerical/admin/etc. in a hospital but if an STNA/CNA will help me get in the door, I'm all for being an STNA/CNA. I can get it in 10 weeks going every Saturday, I'm just curious as to whether being an STNA/CNA alone is good enough as a job for a few years.

    Also though, I've been thinking about moving. If I've taken classes in one state to become an STNA, do I need to take the classes aver again in another, or can I just take the test?

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  3. by   lovelovinqmeee
    I do recommend you becoming a cna as your temporary job. Youll always have a job and you make decent money. Its decent money to me because I dont have kids so its all for me. I pay my car note + insurance + my rent + all my other bills on my own. I make $13.51 an hour at a hospital in AZ. And i work 12 hr shifts and pick up all the overtime i need/want. I love it as a temp job for me. Its easy as well in my opinion. Im at work right now actually