Soon to be CNA student needs some help...

  1. Okay well ive got until august and then the courses begin. I was wondering what would be some helpful stuff to learn before then so i have the basic stuff down, im one of those people who like to be really prepared :P Also,the two probably have nothing to do with one another but once i finish this, it would help me get into a mental health technician type of career right?
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  3. by   JeanSerra
    You can take some practice test's online that would give you some incite into what to expect. Really its all hands on most of the time. Medical terminology will help you also, that is what they will use a lot. With working in a mental health facility, I have worked for both clear brook and little city out of Chicago, and they train you on the job once you are done with their training you are then certified thru the state. Not sure about all states but that is what I have experienced.... Very rewarding career I loved every minute and every one of my residents..... Good Luck
  4. by   VargasB2
    Thank you (: i have already found one online practice test and passed it. its something im very interested in so to me it seems pretty easy. as for the medical terminology i know all the basics because i took a nursing class in high school (: thank you for the input on the mental health thing, i will look up some stuff in florida and see how it would work here.