so scared! first cna job is for prn agency

  1. hello all. i completed my cna training in december and took the test in january. i applied at a few places and got a call back from an agency that fills in at various nursing homes when aids call in. well, i know that there are basic principles to being a cna, but every facility can be so different in the way that they do things. we had 40 hours of clinical experience in one facility, but im still so scared that i will go to another facility and not know what to do. afraid that i will get overwhelmed with an assignment and not know how to organize my time properly, that i wont even know how to read the assignment sheet and understand how it works. has anyone worked for an agency before? was it hard getting into the groove of each facility? i dunno, maybe im just paranoid. any advice will be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   i_love_patient_care
    I worked PRN, but not for different facilities for LTC. The best thing you can do is get a report on all of the Residents you're taking care of as soon as you get your assignment. Major questions: who has vitals, incontinent or continent, how to transfer (just you, two people), who is on a special diet or on fluid restriction, who is a major fall risk. Good luck to you, I hope the job works out for you.