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Hello Allnurses, I'm a new CNA at a peds unit, and was wondering if there was a law in California that keeps us from "forcing" our patients into showering. The reason I ask is because these are kids who ALWAYS refuses to... Read More

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    Quote from jjic3982

    Again thanks for the advice everyone!

    P.S. One more question, yousoldtheworld, when she wrote you up what happened? I am lucky to have few nurses that are like this. I try my best to let the nurse know that I am there to help her as much as I can, but sometimes they just are grumpy in personality.
    Well, it was a "coaching", which normally serves as a written warning, and it is supposed to stay in your file - but at my next evaluation, it read that I had zero disciplinary actions, so I think the DON threw it out - probably realized how ridiculous it was.

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