RN student getting cert. for CNA

  1. Hello I am going into my 2nd year of nursing school and will be taking my CNA certification in July. Hopefully this will better of getting me into a hospital as a tech or CPA. I just wanted to know if you guys had any pointers on how to create a resume (no healthcare experience except my clinical rotations), and also can I put that i'm taking my test in a month on there as well?

    Thank you for any input in advance

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  3. by   Fanie_Mae
    This is more or less what my cover letter and resume look like.... Because I had no healthcare work history, I kept it very simple and just put the name of my past employers with the dates that I worked there. Most places wouldn't even consider my application or look at my resume until I passed my certification test though.... Hope this helps! Good Luck!!

    I am applying to express my interest in the position of Certified Nursing Assistant at Such n Such Nursing. Although I have no work history in healthcare, with effective patient care skills and hands on experience during clinical training, I am confident in my capability to deliver the best services and compassionate care to patients. I also feel that Such n Such Nursing would be a valuable employer to myself while I continue to follow my dream of becoming an RN.

    I feel that I am a strong candidate for this position. I am highly skilled in assisting with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, feeding, ambulating, and toileting of patients. I demonstrate ability to take vitals and assist with other day to day tasks efficiently. I am confident that with my training and yearning to learn, I would be nothing less than an asset to your facility. I am a hardworking individual who is focussed on safe and efficient patient care. I am available for any shift, any day of the week.

    My resume is enclosed to highlight skills and abilities gained from my education and clinical experience. I am confident that these skills are what you are seeking in a Nursing Assistant. I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at (555) 555 - 5555 or via email at _________. Thank you for your consideration of my application for the CNA position at Such n Such Nursing Home.


    Molly M. Hatchet

    Molly Hatchet101 MainStreetChicago, IL 55555(555) 555-5555[COLOR=#1155cc]email address here


    • To obtain a Certified Nursing Assistant position where I can utilize the education and training that I have received through my classes at________ and the hands on training I received during my clinicals.


    • Caring and compassionate
    • Detail oriented and self motivated
    • Demonstrates a consistent and positive attitude
    • Possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills


    • Chicago Community College

      • CNA course - January 24, 2013 - May 16, 2013

        • Clinicals were completed through CCC at Such n Such Nursing Home
        • Completed the course with a 96%
        • State certification was completed and passed (You could put State Certification to be taken 07/15/2013)

          • Registry #_________

    Clinical Experience and Skills

    • Provide cares in assisted daily living
    • Maintain medical asepsis and clean technique
    • Apply mobility aids as well as restraint alternatives
    • Efficient in taking TPRs
    • Thorough understanding of providing personal hygiene for patients
    • Capable of managing bowel and bladder
    • Maintain intake & output

    Work Experience