Really hating my cna training

  1. Well no exactly certified. I'm training in a LTc. I'm looking for advice and guidance and hope this will help. My mentor that's supposed to be training me is doing a horrible job. I'm seriously about to quit before even taking my test cause everyday I want to cry. She helps some what but told me I need to speed things up even though I'm like a week and a half new. I have a habit of making sure residents are satisfied before leaving them. I work second shift. I'm not organized. I never keep track of toileting programs or hs snacks. I'm not even sure what they are. Residents like things certain ways and though it takes alot of time especially when they walk slowly I get ******* at for being to slow. I always ask questions but scared to ask cause she gets annoyed. How the heck can I answer a call light when I'm with someone? I can't just leave them sometimes and they ask me not to. Had to get a different cna cause the lady didnt like how I put her pants on her. I try to make sure a butt is cleaned before putting a new attends on them. I watch my mentor dissapear to talk to others or when I have 5 residents that need to be in bed she watches them play a video game. I have seen her force things on and off to residents. She wouldn't let a resident eat in her room though she wanted to and they have that option. I'm seriously about to quit. I'm too slow she doesn't understand you can't put everything on a new person. I just want to cry. I can't pivot right and she's not bothering to show me anything. Posted this multiple times sorry about that! New here.
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  3. by   missmindey
    I'm so sorry. You seems like your having a real big dilemma, I'm currently taking my cna classes right now. I would suggest to leave. Why: I was bullied like that by the manager and her daughter.. The doctor had no clue. The thing was the doctor was dating the manager and since her 22yr daughter with less of an education than me was trying to take on my job and billing , I was never going to win that battle. It was the final straw when the daughter accused me if watching tv, and the manager tell the doctor I was a liar. When I clearly had witnesses to the discussion I had. Being bullied is wrong. And the cna course is sooooo awesome. I decided to take it because I don't want to be treated like that from them or anybody else, so back to school I went. You can enjoy cna. Go back to school. Don't get pushed around. AND GET PROPER TRAINING (and a better scope of practice.) I feel for you girl, I've been bullied too. You deserve better and better training. Don't start off sloppy (since that's the type of training you're getting) this is your foundation of nursing! Good luck
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    Thanks missmindey. I totally wan to quit but I want to finish this training, take my test, then quit that facility. Since I'm moving anyways I don't want to start alllllll over again.
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    When I started my CNA position a year ago today, I almost quit. Everyone said they would push me out, be hard on me and at times it was and I wanted to quit.. But I hung in there and now I am just as quick and precise as they are. Give it time.. Do what YOU know is right and just for the residents. You'll be a great aide!
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    Thanks lcraig. Do you have an email so there's someone I can talk too? You seem to understand
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    Hang in there! Sounds like the CNA you were assigned to probably needs to reexamine whether this is a good role for her. It is possible she is burned out. Either way not a good fit for you.

    There are great YouTube videos and other resources to help you get through this. Main thing is to get your skills down and speed will come.

    To help you get organized and plan out your day, get a mini notebook to keep in your pocket. You can write down assigned room #'s, anything out of the ordinary for the day (someone leaving for hair appt, dr appt, etc), and showers for the day, etc. Would tackle vitals and showers first, then run through getting everyone up for meals. Other option is to leave your shower people in bed until after breakfast and just get them awake and sitting up in bed while you get everyone up and down to breakfast. Any extra stuff, you have the option to say, do you mind waiting until after breakfast. But make sure you follow through and always keep your word. It builds trust with your residents and of course your teammates.