Please help!! questions on Skills test...

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am taking my exam in FL. in two days!..overall I feel great and confident..I have few questions that I am not too clear about. I have read over and over the checklist and practice.
    My questions are:
    On the FL. checklist says: Accurately record percent of food intake on Food Acceptance Form?
    I have never seen this type of form, I am guessing that you record the liquids on cc's or ml, for example small cups (coffee, juice or jelly)will be 120cc, bowl of soup (240cc??) or half of cup of coffee will be 60cc..I know you have to use common sense, please correct me if I am wrong. I am planning to add the intake amount in cc's on the FOOD ACCEPTANCE FORM, and write the % of solids, which I would divide the tray in quaters (ea. quater=25%)...Well, as you can see I am too sure on this one.
    My question is do you divide the tray in 1/4 (liquids and solids) in order to calculate the total percentage, or do you treat solids and liquids separately...

    Second question: based on the FL checklist, it doesn't mention to wear gloves at any point while you do foot care, changing an occupied bed, nail care, do you think the evaluator will mark it as wrong if you wear gloves? I rather be protected than sorry..I am planning to wear gloves on those procedures, what do you think?
    ....and also says "form a mitt?" while you do partial bath, I have a way to use the washcloth using the 4 corners, do you think it will be marked off if don't form a mitt?

    Thank you everyone for your help! if anyone has taking their exam lately, please tell me about your experience...
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  3. by   CNA/glorified maid
    I had foot care as one of my clinicals. I too, am from FL. I passed my exams, both. I did mess up on foot care, of all things (due to nerves). You must wear gloves during the whole procedure. I took my gloves off after washing the patients foot. I should have put a clean pair on before lotioning....I didnt. I also, forgot to ask the patient to check the water temp. I just dunked her foot in the water. And I forgot to wash my hands after the procedure. As far as measuring food. I think you measure it by cc's. But I do not think that food measurement is a clinical task. Urine is. and that is measured by cc's. However if you do the ml- it is the same thing. But cc's is what is used now. Good Luck on your test. Please utilize the time given per each task. I had 3 other testers with me that didnt. One of my co-testees did a bed pan in under a minute, therefor, he failed. You have 35 minutes to perform 3 tasks. I did foot care in 3 minutes. If I would have breathed and took my time, I would have had a flawless result. But I passed. The hard part for me is just beginning. You'll do great. Go Get Em !!!!!
  4. by   sil2012
    Hi cnahopeful....thank you so much for answering my questions. I will definetely remember to change gloves before putting lotion on foot care. So, I guess the food percent I will give a approximate number of how much the client had eaten and say it aloud so the evaluator can hear me.
    One last question is: on checklist doesn't say to place a chuck while doing partial bath?..I have been practicing without one, would this be ok?
    and when you begin your exam, do you mention at the beginning your 3 skills to client, or do you mention it as you go?

    What I am going to do tomorrow is to say aloud the steps I am doing, but NOT forget indirect while I am performing my skills....wish me luck!!
  5. by   CNA/glorified maid
    I still have never heard of anyone, having the measuring of food as a clinical task. Only emptying and measuring a urinary drainage bag. Yes, do change gloves before lotioning the foot. Wipe off the excess lotion (even though you don't see any). No lotion between the toes!! Yes absolutely use a blue chux pad under the patient for a partial bed bath. You don't want the patient laying on wet sheets. As far as making a mit or doing the 4 corner rag fold. You can fold the wash cloth so you have 4 corners. I was taught that too. But I would use the "mit" fold on cleaning the eyes and face. That way they can see that you do infact know how to fold the cloth into a mit. But I would use about 3 washcloths for a partial bed bath. And 6 for a full bath. I would rather have a crap load of soiled wet linens, than to keep rinsing out 1 wash cloth for all the body parts. And remember on the blood pressure, to alcohol the earpieces and diaphram BEFORE AND AFTER you use it. Good Luck with your test. Let us know how you did. You'll do great !!!
  6. by   sil2012
    TODAY: I PASSED BOTH CLINICALS/WRITTEN!!...I was feeling actually pretty calm thanks to the evaluator I had..The craziest thing I dreamt last night that I was going to be first to perform out the students that were there, and that I had to do catheter care...well, I was the first person to do skills portion and one of my skills were catheter!!!..thank you God!!..thank you cnahopeful for your help!..I was challenging this test, if anyone out there is in the position as me, if I can do can do it too!!...GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!
  7. by   CNA/glorified maid
    Whoah, I didn't know you were challenging the test. Well then a double congratulations to you. I knew you could do it!!!! Good luck in your future endevours!!!!!