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PCT Interview (nervous)

  1. 0 Hello Everyone,

    After a year of being certified and over 50 application I finally got a call back for an interview at a major hospital in the city. Im so excited. I just dont want to mess anything up. The HR Rep told me that I would be taking a pre-employment exam and that would follow the interview. I have no experience in the health care field but I have a passion for it. I was wondering if anyone could give me a little advice on what I should expect on the exam and what question will most likely be asked and what are some good question I should ask during the interview. Any advice will help me greatly.

    Thanks in Advance!!
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    I was wondering how your interview went because I have just gotten my first interview for a PCT position and I am a Junior in Nursing school and am VERY nervous! I was told I will take an exam before my interview and just am trying to figure out how to prepare and what to expect.

    Hope you had a good experience!
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    It went very well.. I got hired... For the test you should take an online practice.. It helped me because the questions were identical... If you study I'm sure you will do extremely well.... Best of luck to you
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    Hi! I also have an interview in a hospital for a pct position on monday and i would to know how was yours? Thanks in advance...
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    I was required to take a exam too. I got a 72% which they reqired 82% to pass, so Ill be attempting it again next week. Was there a percentage you had to get to pass? and did you pass first attempted

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